American Gun Chick His or Hers Christmas Special Get a Quickship C-1 50% off

American Gun Chick His or Her CTH Special

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LEAD TIME ON SPECIAL QUICK SHIP ITEMS IS 7 BUSINESS DAYS after initial purchase date and does NOT include weekends or holidays. These items are subject to availability.

NSR Tactical's Contour to Hip Quick Ship!

Features include:

 - Fits the Glock 17/19/26 sized guns and their counterparts in the various calibers

 - Standard 1.5" belt loops (If a different size is required, order them from the "attatchments" section

 - NO Adjustable retention (The fit is very crisp. If you have concerns please send us an email.)


- Color HOT PINK

This Holiday His or Her Special Holster comes with 1 Black Quickship C-1 with NSR Strut not Ulti-Clip 3 at 50% off! (Glock19, Sig 320c, Shield 9mm, and G-43)

Please NOTE: To qualify for expedited shipping, your entire order must contain only quick-ship items. If your order contains items from other categories that require custom manufacture your entire order will be delayed.