Custom Appendix-EDC Light Bearing Holster/Magazine Pouch Combination

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NSR Tactical's Appendix-EDC Light Bearing Combination Holster/Magazine Pouch

Back by popular demand!!

Holster pictured is Kyptek Nomad


 - Available for a wide variety of pistols. 

 - Choose from two styles of body shield:


        *RMR Cut 

 - Available in a wide selection of colors.


- Holster and Mag pouch are connected by screws.

- The option to mount our new Appendix Tourniquet Pouch.

- Two Tuckable Struts and soft loops. Allows you to tuck your shirt if needed.

- Pull The Dot Directional Snaps

- This holster is tuckable.

Please Note: This is a Custom item and is subject to our current Custom lead time. Do NOT add this item to an order with a Quick Ship product as it will only delay your Quick Ship item.