Custom C-9 Claw IWB Light Bearing Holster

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NSR Tactical's CUSTOM Inside the Waist Band Light Bearing Claw Holster

This holster is in contrast to our best selling XC-1 appendix Holster. This holster has two soft loops which aids in stabilizing but conceals just as well. 


- Has a very popular "Claw" to aid in Concealing. The Claw pushes against your belt, forcing the grip of the gun in to your body. 

- Available For the Custom Gun Options

- Has a Standard Height body shield on the front and back.

- Only half of the magazine release is covered unlike the Yeager C-2 where the entire Magazine release is covered.

- Adjustable cant from Forward cant, Straight cant and Backwards cant.

- It can be worn virtually in any position.

-If worn appendix, one belt loop can be removed so that the holster moves with the body making it more comfortable. 


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