Custom T-Mag - Tourniquet Pouch and C-Mag Combo

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CUSTOM LEAD TIME CURRENTLY HAS NO ETA. Custom Lead time is an estimate not a guarantee.

NSR Tactical's Custom Appendix T-Mag. Tourniquet and Mag pouch combo keeps your spare mag and your life saving tourniquet close to hand.

Pictured in Carbon Fiber - Blood Red

 Please watch Link to Skinny Medic Video on how to stage TQ for adequate fit in our pouch 


- Designed for "windlass" style tourniquets such as the CAT-7 and SOF-TT Wide tourniquets.

- Open side allows for secure retention, while allowing quick retrieval.

- "Pull the Dot" snaps keep the pouch secure.

- Comes standard with a tuckable strut.

- Comes with a C-mag 


Please Note: This is a Custom item and is subject to our current Custom lead time. Do NOT add this item to an order with a Quick Ship product as it will only delay your Quick Ship item.