Mystery AR Mag Pouches

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LEAD TIME ON QUICK SHIP ITEMS IS 5 BUSINESS DAYS after initial purchase date and does NOT include weekends or holidays. These items are subject to availability.

We have excess stock for our colored AR Mag Pouches, so grab one while we've got them and we will have Jeff consult his Bayou Almanac, cross reference your name and the current stellar alignment with the time and date of the latest fake news and that will determine the color you get!

Designed with direct input from Clint Smith of Thunder Ranch.

 - Completely Ambidextrous

 - Fits just about any AR magazine with a slight adjustment to the retention.

 - Comes standard with two malice clips that can be attached to Molle. Hole pattern will accept just about any attachments from Blade-tech, Safariland or G-Code.

 - Can be mounted vertically, horizontally, bullets forward, bullets rear, right side, left side, you name it.

Please NOTE: To qualify for expedited shipping, your entire order must contain only quick-ship items. Quick Ship times are not guaranteed for colors other than Tactical Black. Also if your order contains items from other categories that require custom manufacture your entire order will be delayed.