Custom Trigger Guard "Holster"

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CUSTOM LEAD TIME CURRENTLY HAS NO ETA. Custom Lead time is an estimate not a guarantee.

For the ultimate in minimalist holsters NSR Tactical has the Trigger Guard Holster. Also know as the "Bikini Holster," this product is ideal for deep concealment, purse carry and more!

With two holes this holster can accommodate a Strut, ULTICLIP or paracord. Using paracord allows ultra deep concealment, or purse carry as the cord will pull the trigger holster off as you draw it. 

- Available for Glock 43 size trigger guards and Glock 19 size trigger guards.

- Ambidextrous, allows mounting options on either side of the holster.

- Minimalist design and two hole construction allows incredible flexibility for mounting options and use.

- Perfect for storing a firearm with the trigger protected.


Please Note: This is a Custom item and is subject to our current Custom lead time. Do NOT add this item to an order with a Quick Ship product as it will only delay your Quick Ship item.