NSR Tactical Yeager C-2 Glock 48 MOS Limited Run

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 *This Model WILL work with the 48MOS*

NSR Tactical's Yeager C-2 Inside the Waist Band Holster

This holster was designed in collaboration with and is sponsored by James Yeager of Tactical Response. 

-This holster is cut to the G48 Length and RIGHT HAND ONLY

- The Yeager C-2 features a full body shield on the body side of the holster while having a low cut on the belt side. This helps with reholstering. 

- Unlike our other "C" models this one features 60% or greater coverage of the magazine release button. (Please note that this only applies to Right Handed models).

- Dual directional Pull The Dot snaps feature adjustable cant to fit your needs.