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NSR Tactical's Inside the Waist Band "Roland Special" Holster with a Claw.

This holster is based on our Custom C-9 IWB Light Bearing Holster and brings the ever popular "Roland Special" configuration to our Quick Ship line of holsters. For those who don't know, the "Roland Special" configuration is a Glock 19 with a compensator, Surefire X300 and an RMR red dot sight. 


- For the Glock 19/23 with Compensator (cut to Glock 34/35 length) with Surefire X300U A/B

- Works with the KKM Comp and any compensator smaller than the KKM.

- The new MOD Wing "Claw" has two different height options to allow the user to tailor the amount of leverage the MOD Wing exerts to achieve better concealment.

- Low profile MOD Wing "Claw" is a better fit for a light bearing holster.

- Compatible with Gen 5 Glocks

- Comes with an RMR cut

- Adjustable cant from Forward cant, Straight cant and Backwards cant.

- It can be worn virtually in any position.

-If worn appendix, one belt loop can be removed so that the holster moves with the body making it more comfortable. 

- Available in Right Handed Configuration only.


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